El Paredon

off the beaten path

Tucked away and secluded from the everyday hustle and bustle, El Paredon is a hidden paradise. Unknown to most travelers, Guatemala’s best kept secret is home to some of the country’s top surfers.  With the endless volcanic black sand beach and the consistent waves it is a perfect destination for all types of travel. The friendly locals are happy to host you at their traditional restaurants and eateries. This small fishing village is full of character and activities to fill your day and relax your mind.

El Paredon Pacific Swell
El Paredon Surf Town Beach

National Park

Come and discover the beautiful mangroves, wildlife and friendly local people in this tropical paradise with La Choza Chula, a social enterprise that helps the community of El Paredón benefit from the growing surf tourism.


Guatemala Surf Beach


El Paredon is home to Guatemala's best waves. El Paredon was recently ranked amongst the world's top 10 surf locations by The Guardian.

Guatemala Turtle Beach

baby turtles

Every year thousands of sea turtles return to El Paredon's pristine beaches to lay their eggs. The local turtle thatchery ensures the safety of the turtle eggs from outside predators. 


getting here

private shuttle

We are happy to arrange for you a private pickup from the airport, Antigua, or Lago Atitlan with our trusted chauffeur.

Tourist shuttle

There are tourist shuttles running daily between El Paredon, Antigua, and Lago Atitlan. See schedule below:

Antigua à El Paredon: Daily @ 9:00am & 2:00pm

El Paredon à Antigua: Daily @9:30am & 2:00pm

Lago Atitlan à El Paredon: Weekdays @ 1:00pm

El Paredon à Lago Atitlan: Weekdays @8:00am